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Our Work

Some of the sectors we have been involved in are listed below

Real Estate

Real estate and construction are major industry sectors which have a huge impact on the economic health of both the local and global economy.

The sectors rely heavily on specialist professional advisers to provide guidance and value-added business solutions to ensure companies in these sectors meet governance and statutory requirements for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Government and Public sector

In the current climate of budget deficits and austerity programs to reduce government costs, the public sector in many countries is under huge pressure to maintain its provision of high-quality public services on ever-decreasing budgets.

Denis Paul & Associates member firms also have experts in procurement and project management, best practice evaluations, performance improvements, business process review programs, market entry planning, investment appraisal and litigation support.

Hospitality and Leisure

Denis Paul and Associates is an Nationally recognized market leader in the field of hotel, tourism and leisure consulting. We do so by providing: Feasibility studies, Valuations, Operator selection, corporate finance, Architecture and design, Asset management, Due diligence reviews and litigation support

Professional services

As partners and business owners themselves, Denis Paul and Associates know what it takes to run successful, profitable firms with similar ownership structures. They understand the challenges facing lawyers, architects, surveyors, engineers and other professionals who own, work in and manage their own firms.

Owner Managed business

We offer owner managed businesses solutions such as advice on partnership structure and financing, improving practice performance, partnership and personal taxation, financial planning for partners, business recovery, risk management, regulatory issues and accounting services.

Non-Governmental Organizations

We provide audit and consultancy service to not for profit organization, and faith-based organizations.  These include health institutions, schools, colleges and private chartered universities, international NGO’s in East, West and Central Africa, South Sudan, Somalia and Great lakes.


Our professional services teams typically consist of a multi-disciplinary group of specialists who carefully tailor the service they offer to suit a client’s business needs – regardless of whether the client is a husband and wife team or an international practice with offices around the world. By considering both the commercial needs of the business and the lifestyle requirements of individual partners and owners, Denis Paul and Associates can provide a total package of support and expert advice.


We are also actively involved in the financial sector. This involves saccos and other microfinances.